Clients have included photographers, curators, writers, designers, musicians, boutique retailers, galleries, studios, start-ups, psychotherapists, producers and consultants.


Others have included: Amy Bellezza, Emma Blau, Leland Bobbé, Linc Cornell, Merri Cyr, Griff Davis, Gary Gershoff, Aaron Goodman, Fergus Greer, Rob Hann, Anthony Saint James, Sandra Johnson, Mark Katzman, Isadora Kosofsky, Andy Lerner, Sarah Lester, Demond Meek, Ted Morrison, Rita Nannini, Eric Ogden, David Pace, Andrew Prentice, Marissa Roth, Ashok Sinha, Rick Schatzberg, Sarah Schmidt, Joni Sternbach, and Fabrice Trombert.

Curators, Writers, Designers, Musicians

Others have included: Victor Bellomo, Stephanie Brown, Judith Burger, Nora Chavooshian, Collective Wink, Patrick Howe, Infant Joy, Karen Singh Designs, Lewis Miller Design, Roland Gebhardt, David Lawrence, Elliott Power, Preformances, Iesha Small, Xenia Viray, Wixon Gibbs, and Elizabeth Wray.

Boutique Retailers and Services, Galleries, Studios

Others have included: Cara Reeser Pilates, CITIZEN : Citizen, Diego Salazar, from the source, Giorgio USA, Grahame Putland Gallery, Juwlz New York, Morrison Hotel Gallery, Peperino NYC Pizza, and Sixth Street Pilates.

Start Ups

Others have included: Cepi Style, Square Media International, and UrbanStems.


Sophia Hilsley, Domenica Mondo, The Courtyard Garden, and Rosemarie Verderame.


ASAP (AIDS Strategy, Advocacy and Policy), Julie Grahame, Stella Kramer, Russell Labosky, John Stark.