A custom designed and built ecommerce and point of sale website and content management system

Screenshot of website on desktop, tablet and mobile screens

Morrison Hotel Gallery® is the world leader in fine art music photography representing over 125 of the most highly acclaimed music photographers — those who made, and continue to make, an indelible mark on music culture with photographic portrayals of the industry’s most influential artists.

I built their first site with Martin Cooper in late 2007. A custom full ecommerce and point of sale (POS) site with a custom content management system (CMS). 10 years later, in 2017, we completely redesigned, re-engineered, and rebuilt the front-end of the site. We built on everything we had learnt over the first ten years and launched the new site without having to migrate content or data to a new system. The same CMS serves the site and the custom reporting we built for MHG now covers more than the past ten years of business.