A custom designed and built website

Screenshot of website on desktop, tablet and mobile screens

The first ClampArt website, which went live in 2001, was one of my first websites. It served the gallery well, as both an indexable and browsable resource. But ten years is a long time on the web, and in 2012 we built a new site. We aimed for this new site to require users to click less, we wanted more intuitive navigation, bigger images, more narrative, easier sharing and an easier to update site. We also wanted to improve and not lose any search ranking as a result of the change.

We think we succeeded and ClampArt, its artists, clients, press and fans seem to agree. The site traffic is up and it is indexing more highly than before. With a focus on great typography, clear layout and a simple, elegant structure the site both excites people about upcoming work and serves as a museum quality archive of the work the gallery has shown.