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Blogging for Tiffinbox

Mike Hartley is featured on Tiffinbox today. His post ‘Successful Photography Websites Must be Found AND Have Impact’ discusses the balance between getting a site to index in the search engines using words and a site having visual impact using images.

Stella Kramer | New Website

Stella Kramer is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor and creative consultant. She was great to work with. She wanted a fresh new site that referenced in some way her old site. She was clear and concise articulating what she wanted and needed, and we had a great dialogue about what we were going to build.

Marissa Roth’s One Person Crying | New Website

“One Person Crying: Women and War” is a 28-year, personal global photo essay by Marissa Roth that addresses the immediate and lingering effects of war on women. The website,, displays some of the work from the project: images and stories of women impacted by war and news on where and when the work is being exhibited.