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Eric Ogden | Website Updated

I love Eric’s work. He’s a great photographer. We have been updating the site and not telling you for a few years now. Since Eric’s website was featured on the cover of American Photo, we have added thumbnails to the site, and this week, we added a video opener as a hint of what’s to come.

Yousuf Karsh | New Website

Yousuf Karsh is possibly one of the greatest photographers ever. This is the official site of the Estate of Yousuf Karsh. It is a multimedia retrospective of his life and work: photographs, news and exhibitions, bibliography. It’s thoroughly modern whilst maintaining the traditional simplicity and elegance demanded by the work of Karsh.

LMD Floral | New Website

Lewis Miller’s LMD Floral Events Interiors is based in the East Village. His attraction for the curious, the antiquated, and the historic is brought to life and modernized in his work. The work is lush and complex in nature, but stunningly simple in execution. It’s beautifully represented in this cinematic site.

ZOOZOOM | New Website

ZOOZOOM is ‘The Original Online Glossy’. An online fashion magazine. It won the 2002 Fashion Webby, was nominated in 2005 and again in 2006 . It also won a Silver Davey in 2005, a Pixel Award in 2006 has been Adobe Site of The Day twice and TIME rated it as one of the Coolest Websites of 2005.