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Demond Meek | New Website

I get lost in my work (which is good I suppose) and forget to share what I have done. Demond’s site was live last year … a while ago. This week he launched a video piece: ‘I Love My Dad’. It’s wonderful and you should probably go watch it. I don’t say that lightly, I hate to add to the stress of the day with an imperative. It minded me to post this. is a true collaboration. I love Demond’s work. I built his last site. Demond designed this current site with my input, I built it. It’s a great site. Demond’s work is strong, exciting, rich and compassionate.

The site is built on Koken and Demond introduced me to GT Haptik and the wonderful Grilli Type. We also relaunched #slumbeautiful using a variation of the template.

Demond Meek